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rainy dc engagement sessionPINIMAGE


It’s really rainy outside. The kind of cold rain that ideally makes you want to cuddle up on the couch under blankets and watch movies. But after a few days (and with a few young kids around) that isn’t really an option anymore and the funk settles in. The I can’t shoot, go out and play, or nap funk. Good thing I have an amazing Faith and an even more amazing God who drops wonderful people in my lap.

Just as I’m about to explode from cabin fever and kids bouncing off the walls, I start talking to Cynthia, a fellow photographer and Christian, about our careers and purpose and even our similar points in life. It’s rejuvenating and calming to be filled with the Spirit as we chat and I’m reminded through other’s eyes the power of presence and purpose. I always look at how I can give back, and what am I doing with my career to do so. However, as Cynthia mentioned it’s more of a partnership and as the Lord opens doors it’s for us to walk through and do something with those open doors. I don’t always have that responsibility to care for everyone else, but I do have the gift of accepting what God provides and using my talents and abilities to accept them and work hard with the opportunities given.

It all might seem like a silly way to get out of a funk, but it was such a relief off of my shoulders and a bit of sunshine on this rainy, dreary day. A sermon of sorts from an unexpected source – but the Spirit is always present and ready to teach.

<3 Jeanne

Ostrander Engagements-13PINIMAGE

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I can’t pick a favorite season. There is something about each that I adore and as much as I love warm weather, driving with the windows down, lots of sun, and the beach I’m getting excited by pumpkin everything, the turning of the leaves, crisp sweatshirt filled mornings and sleeping with the windows open.

I only offer Family Mini Sessions once a year – and that time of year is almost upon us. I love offering them in the fall because of the fun layers of clothes, boots and leggings and jeans and scarves and crunchy leaves under foot and sneaking sips of coffee in between fun filled sessions…yup – I’m excited!!

This year’s sessions will be 30 minutes per family. It will include 1 (one) 10×13 fine art wall print  which you will get to choose from the 10 images I will reveal to you within a week after our session together during your Gallery Reveal. The session price is $125 which covers time, talent and your fine art family portrait. If there are other images that you cannot live without, you may purchase additional digital or wall art portraits during your gallery reveal. PLEASE call with any questions you have – 703-459-4507 – or email me at I’m accepting 10 families this year so be sure to sign up if you’re interested. I’m so stinkin excited!

Oh, and kind of important – this year’s date is Sunday, Oct 25th. If you practice Sunday as your Sabbath I’ll happily honor this session special on another date within a 10 day period. Again, don’t hesitate to let me know – I’m here to serve.

<3 Jeanne 

Fall Foliage Mini Session with The Hill StudiosPINIMAGE

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Wedding at Bluemont Vineyards PINIMAGE

Wedding at Bluemont Vineyards


The Best Man described their relationship perfectly during his speech, when he described putting Kim’s phone number in his phone with Alan’s last name….after their first date. Kim and Alan were truly made for each other and Alan’s quest to wait for “The One” was fruitful, and he was patient in his search – I love that God’s timing was perfect yet again:)

I started my day with the guys and they were nothing but excited, Alan especially. There were a few last minute details to finalize so I headed off with some of the men to Harris Teeter to stock up on refreshments for the reception. We then went back to the house, and the guys showered and groomed while I played with Taylor the adorable Husky and then it was time to document some guy prep. They were super attentive to Alan, helping him with every little detail, and then it was off to Bluemont Vineyard to get married!

The ceremony began pretty much upon our arrival, as the flutist guided Kim down the aisle to Alan and they were married against the backdrop of the Appalachian’s low country. The view from Bluemont is spectacular, yet Alan and Kim had eyes for nothing but one another. Their whimsical vows included promises of taking out the trash, and leniency on nights it was forgotten.

We took advantage of the dipping sunlight to capture some sweet formals and then started the reception with toasts and laughs. Kim and Alan were most interested in celebrating with friends and dancing the night away. I especially loved Alan and his mother’s attempt at the Cupid Shuffle 😛 This was truly one of the most laid back and just plain fun weddings I’ve had the joy of capturing and I appreciated being a part of it.
Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-17.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-16.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-19.jpgPINIMAGE
Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-18.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-90.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-9.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-73.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-84.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-55.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-64.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-63.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-58.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-56.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-60.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-65.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-87.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-33.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-32.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-34.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-35.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-31.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-37.jpgPINIMAGE

Wedding at Bluemont Vineyards PINIMAGE

Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-42.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-45.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-46.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-26.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-25.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-29.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-47.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-49.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-53.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-48.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-67.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-66.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-54.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-74.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-24.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-82.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-72.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-93.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-91.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-92.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-94.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-95.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-70.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-75.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-79.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-80.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-81.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-76.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-78.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-77.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-114.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-115.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-113.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-112.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-111.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-109.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-108.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-107.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-117.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-106.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-105.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-104.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-103.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-102.jpgPINIMAGE Bluemont-Vineyards-Wedding-Virginia-Wedding-by-the-Hill-Studios-Kim-and-Alan-Married-101.jpgPINIMAGE

Thank you both and I of course wish you both nothing but a lifetime of love, happiness and the same passion you currently have for one another.

<3 Jeanne



Photographer: The Hill Studios
Venue: Bluemont Vineyards

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I’m a day late, but that makes this post written on September 1st. SEPTEMBER 1st!! Where did the summer go? I hate to admit that my mom was right, and the older I get, the faster time flies. But its true. <sob> Today my oldest started his second year of Preschool. I of course took the obligatory First Day picture (complete with super ghetto stats written on the back of an envelope cause that’s how we roll in the Walter House).

First Day of SchoolPINIMAGE

Lil Bit’s first day of school

In case you’re wondering, as of now (age 3.5) he wants to be an Astronaut when he grows up. I’m pretty sure this is due to the totally awesome Space Man pajamas he has that glow in the dark, but I digress…

Lets get the weekend wrap-up rolling. There isn’t much to tell though. Friday I took some real estate photos of a SUPER ADORABLE condo in my own neighborhood. It has a built in office that I kinda drooled over, and a really sweet kitchen island…Thanks to my dear Realtor friend Allyson, I’m always in some new house scoring more inspiration for my own casa. It’s awesome to get free pinterest-free ideas but also overwhelming. How much more can I really add to my list? (But for reals, I do need to get on some art for that upper landing…)


Gorgeous Kitchen, Right?

Saturday was spent lounging in bed. Yes. LOUNGING IN BED! Jealous yet? Sunday was picture perfect and spent editing, and closed off with date night. Woo-Hoo!!

This weekend is Labor Day Weekend and I already have lots to do so I best prepare for it. I hope you all had a fabulous weekend as well and be sure to check out yesterday’s blog featuring a stunning Mountainous Montana Wedding!

<3 Jeanne

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